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Dog Crate or kennel? - Indoor dog cages for limited confinement of dogs

We are often asked if it is fair to confine a Boxer when left alone for a short period or should he be left to have the run of the house? It is our opinion that the Boxer adapts easily to either decision if made early enough. Even if your pup is to be your house pet, it is well to purchase a large "indoor crate" and place it in a secluded spot where he can retreat from over enthusiastic children and he will soon treat the crate as his indoor kennel. This makes subsequent limited confinement in it simple if necessary. The ideal answer in our view is an outdoor kennel and run, but we appreciate that this is not always possible.

How to introduce your puppy to a crate

Always line the base to make it warm and comfortable with a vet bed or similar. Begin by leaving the door open and put your puppies toys inside so it has to go in to retrive them. After a few days the puppy will start lying down inside. After the pup has become used to sleeping with the door open, you can close it whilst the pup is asleep. When it wakes up, open the door after a few minuts and give it pleanty of praise as it comes out. Over the next few days, increase the time before releasing and your pup will soon come to accept the closed door and look forward to the praise on being released. NEVER use the crate as a punishment, your pup must associate it as a safe haven with no negative experiences.

Car Travel

I hope it goes without saying, that your dog should always be kept under control when traveling in a car. If you have an estate car then you are in a good position to use a car cage.