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Australia - Marimat Boxers
Belgium - Van de Hazenberg
Belgium - Boxerkennel Van de Boksdoorn
Belgium - Boxers von Infadar
Belgium - van Sapho's Hoeve
Belgium - Vayasbox Boxers
France - Le Chien Boxers
Germany - Menricus Boxers excellent Foto Album!
Germany - von Fausto
Holland - v.d.Alkaios
Holland - Dutch Boxer Home Page
Holland - v.d.Hoeverbos
Holland - v.d.Hoevensehof boxers
Holland - v.d.Klappeheide
Holland - v.d.Kloosterpoort
Holland - Boxerkennel The BuHé Farm
Holland - Puck & Co
Italy - AAA Boxer
Italy - boxer del colle dell'infinito
Italy - Boxers dei Monti del Sole
Italy - Ethan della Terra Selvaggia
Italy - Semantica Boxers
Japan - Grossen Traumen Boxers
Poland - Memorandum Boxers
Serbia - Della Bella Cavalla Boxers
Spain - Belire Boxers Spain
Spain - Boxer del Reino Perdido
Spain -
Spain - Boxers de los Morritos
Spain -
Spain - Boxers dels Segadors
Spain - Boxers Des Niu Blau
Spain -
UK - JKD in Boxers
UK - Boxer Rescue UK
UK - Boxers on Dog Club UK
UK - Davnette Boxers
UK - Dderwen Boxers UK
UK -
UK -
USA - Boxer World
USA - European Boxer Zone
USA - Pro Boxers

UK Boxer rescues
Links to world wide Boxer clubs
British Boxer Club currently off line!


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